摘 要:“Bitribe will be the market leader for Digital Asset Exchanges with supernode listing authority.”


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Bitribe Global Partner



Having worked for one of the top Wall Street firms, what made you decide to enter into the blockchain industry?


I used to work at JPMorgan, investing in different types of exchanges - from plain-vanilla equity exchanges to dark pools and high-frequency trading platforms.

The amount of innovation on Wall Street is unparalleled, but sometimes innovation is stifled and has to happen outside of its confines. Blockchain is the perfect example, there are many use cases that would benefit from it, but banks are slow to move because it may cannibalize their own offerings.

My years of experience investing in this industry allow me to take some of that experience and bring it to Bitribe. I think there is an opportunity in this space to improve the experience for investors and startups alike. We believe that the Global Node Exchange is the next great innovation in this space because it creates a safe and fair environment for all participants. As a neutral exchange, we provide the core technology while we handed over the screening and security of transactions to professional nodes. Bitribe will be the market leader for Digital Asset Exchanges with supernode listing authority.


When did you first hear about the blockchain industry?


I heard about Bitcoin / Blockchain back in 2013 on a "Planet Money" podcast. It has come a long way since and honestly, I wish I had gotten in back then! I But now we have the opportunity to make a difference.


What is the difference between investing in blockchain versus traditional investments?



In traditional investment, especially early-stage investment, the team is often the most important, followed by industry and then data. In blockchain investment, you have the opportunity to look at the data first, if not data then the actual underlying code. Though the blockchain industry itself is young, the limits of reach for its technology is far-reaching. There are many opportunities for investors and startups alike and our exchange brings those two groups together onto one convenient platform.


How did you get involved with Bitribe?


I really liked the idea of Bitribe and what the name stands for. It's a play on the words Bitcoin and Tribe, giving everyone a connected feeling because at the end of the day, we are all in this world together. The founding team is really great, they work around-the clock and since we are an international team, that really means I don't get much sleep anymore!

The Bitribe team believes in structured decentralization and total transparency. The status quo currently is an oligopoly, similar to OPEC, and we aim to disrupt it with our innovative Global Node Exchange model. We want to work with the existing ecosystem that's already in place, become the default digital asset platform that perfectly coexists with the other nodes. Only in this way will we be able to break the existing oligopoly and create a more competitive landscape.


How do you explain "Global Nodeization"? Which nodes are included? What is the relationship between a note and Bitribe?



The Bitribe Exchange itself is a global exchange across Asia and North America with the blockchain itself as the underlying technology allowing for "Global Nodeization", a term that will become a reality once we connect all 1000 supernodes world-wide. After which we will 1. be able to have access to the best projects that have the potential to disrupt

2. continue the global expansion of the Bitribe Exchange Community (BRT is already affiliated with Roarkfund's global community and has access to its worldwide resources)

3. Bitribe would like to expand its own node footprint, including institutional media, influencer network, etc, in order to build a global community-centric super-node

4. 1000 Super-Node Ambassadors will promote the Bitribe brand worldwide. Following the announcement of the supernodes such as Tron, Consensus Lab, and Mars Finance, the market has received enthusiastic attention. Many organizations, media and individuals have expressed their strong desire to join the Bitribe global node to build a fair, autonomous, and shared node. There are already dozens of nodes signed up and more to come.


What is Bitribe's strategy for the currency? How do you develop it together simultaneously with the exchange?



The priority of the project is to find quality projects pushed by the node. First of all, it must be technically sound and truly change the industry. Second, users of BRT receive priority access. Third, we have a global team to prioritize international projects.

The exchange and the project side are themselves interdependent. We have a strict review mechanism on the project side, but after the currency is issued, we will provide the project party with resources, community, user import, and anything else they need to become successful.


As a safe and secure exchange, how do you view the exchange's lost money, how does Bitribe guarantee security?

张述Michael:安全是交易所的核心和命脉。之前bithumb等交易所都发现有丢币的现象,如何保证交易所丢币确实很关键。我们bitribe主打安全。对用户的资产进行安全可靠的资产保护。Bitribe采⽤用了先进的多层、多集群的系统架构。多层架构的设计大幅提高了了系 统的性能、安全性、稳定性和扩展性。功能部署、版本更更新无需停机进行,最大限度保障终端用户的操作体验。

Security is the core and lifeblood of the exchange. Previously, exchanges such as Bithumb, were losing money due to hacking. How to ensure that the exchange loses money is really crucial. Bitribe does its best to ensure safe and reliable asset protection for users' assets. Bitribe uses an advanced multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture. The design of the multi-layer architecture greatly increases the performance, security, stability, and scalability of the system. Featuring regular feature deployment, version update, no downtime, and high attention to the user experience.


Where is Bitribe's future strategic focus? How do you view IEOs? Will Bitribe also be launched?




Bitribe’s focus is to strive for excellence and innovation, which will lead to growth as the market leader.

Regarding IEOs, I think it’s great as it simplifies the entire process of fundraising which reduces friction and ultimately those resources saved is a win-win for both sides. However, as any good startup knows, that’s only a small part of the battle as now the company actually has to be built. At Bitribe we help and teach the projects that get listed how to build a brand, how to build a community, how to generate interest and really give them the resources they need to become successful. Our IEO will be next week on 4/28.


How is Justin [CEO of Tron] involved with Bitribe? Will there be opportunities to cooperate with Tron in the future?


Bitribe and Tron are in-depth strategic cooperation. Bitribe is a very important part of Tron's ecosystem. Because of the energy and flow of the Bitribe community, we believe that we can create a closed ecosystem loop for us and Tron. In fact, there are many creative ways we can cooperate together in the future and Justin is very much looking forward to that.


How do you look at the future of blockchain technology?


Blockchain technology is certainly one of the greatest inventions of this century. However, the blockchain industry is just like any other industry in the hype cycle. Last year's crash made everyone cautious. I certainly don’t blame them, but the contrarian in me thinks that the industry will be around for awhile there has to be a bottom sometime and we may have just passed it, which is great news for innovation and freedom.


What is your ideal digital currency exchange?


Bitribe is building the ideal digital currency exchange. Security is the most important thing on any exchange and that is certainly a focus. Then there is the community aspect, as well as how extensive the Supernode network is. The more parties involved, the more efficient the parties will be at picking out the consensus most popular projects.


What is the understanding of centralization and decentralization?


The core of the blockchain is decentralized. I am a faithful believer in decentralization.


What do you think of BSV (BitcoinSV)?


This industry is taking the initiative to get rid of the "bad guys", which is great. The industry needs to clean itself up before people will take things seriously.

Vivian:现在三大交易所 “巨头林立” 对于Bitribe能跑出来这个赛道特色点是在什么地方呢?

For those that do successfully list, listing on Bitribe gives Startups several Unfair Advantages:




Bitribe是有Roark Fund战略投资,Roark Fund拥有广泛的社区基础,包括韩国、日本、东南亚和俄罗斯,其中韩国拥有10万+有效用户的kakao社群、20万+活跃用户的Telegram社群,这些资源将推动Bitribe快速发展,社区的强大将带动Bitribe的用户更活跃、用户的参与黏性更高。



1, Security - backed by TRON

2. Community promotion - Bitribe has a strategic investment from Roark Fund. Roark Fund has a broad community base including Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Russia. In terms of community growth, the goal Korea has 100,000+ users in the Kakao community and 200,000+ active users' Telegram community are within reach. Roark will also help promote the rapid development of Bitribe.

3. All-Node Exchange

Bitribe's original full-node exchange gives nodes’ greater rights. Organization nodes, media nodes, and KOL nodes all have different powers and responsibilities. These nodes will drive the rapid development of Bitribe, and the power of the community will drive Bitribe users to be more active and users to be more responsive.


There are many people who say that the IEO fever has passed, and the three major exchanges still occupy the lion’s share. So what’s your play?


Nothing stays hot forever, but the opportunity is here today to make a difference. I have nothing but respect for our market leaders. We will let the technology do the talking for us and let the market decide who’s best. This exchange is a product that we spent a lot of time polishing. We are doing our own exchanges at our own pace.


Any last words?


Just wanted to let everyone know about that Bitribe’s IEO will be next Sunday 4/28! Thanks for your time.







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